Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Turn on the Bright Lights

my sisters & i visited the illustrious city of lights this weekend. it was a hoot & a holla (literally). we stayed at the mirage...it was nice but i was sad to see the lackage of siegfried & roy posters around the casino..we went to tao & jet & some lounges...i did vegass proud & got real nice & toasty on sat. nite which left me w/ the most beautiful hangover on sun...but all in all my first vegass experience as a newly christened 21-year-old was memorable & left my sisters with some wonderful stories that i'm sure they'll cherish & rehash for years to come. i wish i had some good pix to post but just realized alana has most of the pix in her camera...oh darn

Thursday, July 26, 2007

J'adore Dior

so the dior fall 2007 show was at versailles & i couldn't help but notice the marie antoinette references such as the detail of the bodice on this dress:

apparently this necklace cause a huge scandal during her reign & was part of the reason why people started turning against her...the book i'm reading about her is really interesting

on another note, some of my favorites from the show:

Monday, July 23, 2007

Friday, July 20, 2007

Fatal Attraction to Cuteness

so here's that one dress from erin fetherston's target line that i thought was quite pretty. she's one of my fave new designers. i was surprised that they chose her but that's cool. her stuff is almost too sickeningly cute, but i likey.

Because Myspace Just Isn't Enough

so here's my first blog. everyone's doin it so i figured i'd cave into peer pressure & see what this whole thing is about.
before you know it i'll be perezhilton & holed up in a coffee bar w/ blue hair & saddlebags.