Sunday, July 27, 2008


-are so nasty

They'll Stone Ya When You're Tryin' To Be So Good

i just finished don't look back that b.d. was good..he is good

things have been weird-slightly confusing lately but surprisingly promising..i'm really excited for the future...i know that when you're goin through a shitty time it's always exciting to see what's "just around the riverbend" (yes that is a pocahontas reference)...

well that's alisha's words of wisdom for the day....have fun

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sit Me Down, Shut Me Up, I'll Calm Down

i had a wonderful weekend....i've been kinda down in the dumps lately so it was nice to forget things....i went on a lil overnight vacation w/ my mom & sis to the 4 seasons in carlsbad...its so funny how we get to do random things like that because we have no substantial income right now but we got a free stay from my moms dealership..poor lil rich girls i guess haha.......anyways the room was beautiful & had a grrreat view...we just ate tons of good stuff & lounged....the bed was like a huge cream puff & there were like hummingbirds & butterflys was ridiculously perfect

tomorrow me & andrea are going apt. hunting in la...i'm excited for the move...finally something new...can't wait : )