Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Did You See The Stylish Kids In The Riot

i'm currently looking for a second job...i'm only working thurs-sat @ the i need some more income asap since the majority of my household in currently unemployed...i'm sooo sick of thinking about $$$'s the been the bane of my existance my whole life...grrr...i think i'm just gonna try & get a job @ a nearby coffee spot...i'm sick of retail, can't stomach a cubicle, & figured w/ this job i can @ least drink all the coffee i want! i'm looking into starting the fashion program @ occ hopefully in the near future...on a random note...i was browsing the betsey johnson website & saw that they are offering i applied on a whim...we'll see.

i feel like i need to start/do something but i don't know what...i guess it just comes w/ the early 20's territory
i got 1 thing accomplished today though...i feel pretty proud...i went through my closet! hooray! i took 4 bags to buffalo & got a couple cute shirts...i am productive

Friday, June 13, 2008

Sunday, June 8, 2008

June Gloom Sets In, Puts Me In A Daze

i watched some french movie the other day & was inspired by the whole art nouveau thing...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I Love You For The Time That You Killed

some more sad news to report...apparently my paul is dating helena (cougar) christensen...i just don't get what these guys see in supermodels? geez, it just baffles me

in real news...the trunk shows have been going well, 3 down & i think 2 more to we went to montana st. in santa monica & it was so cute...kinda reminded me of cdm...seems like a nice place to live in the future...lots of good cafes & boutiques & not dirty...
on another note, i need some more summer fun!!! something good needs to happen asap