Monday, May 4, 2009

The Big Letdown

tonight was the big met costume gala...ugh & i'm so disappointed...everyone looks like's all just a big yawn....but here are a few of the standouts for me:

helena (aka cougar): pit stain? pretty cool dress though

kate: absolutely amazing

molly: i'm impressed, good job because you usually look like a man

kirsten: the hair & face is a bit messed, but the chanel is exciting
p.s. someone needs a new bra

kate: wow! one of my faves, very veronica lake-esque

giselle: lovely in versace

stam: gotsta love the rodarte...the hair & makeup is perfecto

jessica: after that nightmare @ the oscar's, i'm happy you hired a stylist
the divine miss Moss: oo-la-la...i'll forgive you for that hat situation

Friday, May 1, 2009


saw this on beautifuldecay by shane sakkeus & it reminded me: did you know that brad pitt literally has one of the most perfect/attractive faces ever...i think he's like a 9.3 out of 10....i saw this on my trusty oprah (she had some expert peoples on who study attractiveness) & apparently according to the scale of your face you can measure how ugly/fantastic you are...they should put that on snapple caps...ok that graphic is giving me an epileptic seizure

I Like Getting Older

things bother you less, but people are still annoying (unfortunately that never changes)