Friday, April 18, 2008

Are You Such A Dreamer

before i start on my piles of hw/projects for the day i wanted to post some pics from my favorite fashion photographer, tim walker....he was influenced by cecil beaton ...& he creates these ethereal fantasy scenes that distort scale & highlight couture...but honestly, his photos are just amazing & if i could live inside of them i would...i want a lilac cat

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ready For The Floor

last night was sooo much fun! the crystal castles/warehouse party thing in downtown was good times...i must say i was actually kinda surprised, seeing that popdefect was kinda a bust @ the standard & the last warehouse thing i went to was boring (i.e. everyone starin @ everyone else being cool)...skeet skeet played the best 90's music put me in the dancin mood i rarely find myself in, hehe...

on another note...i want to steal these by audrey kawasaki and pretend i created them...amazing

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pick Me Up, Uppercut

yup...that's how i felt today
i had a 3 hour interview w/ a temp agency, i had to take all those stupid tests to make sure i know how to add & type & read....& then after that i had to watch a great video about how not to kill/injure myself on the job (i.e. be careful when walking down the stairs & people are coming up...don't you just hate it when that happens) then i finally got to the interview lady who walked me through each of the 50 pages i had to was sooo exciting
i guess they just get some really mentally challenged people that come in there, i was waiting for them to pull out a cot & give me some much needed nap time
after missing my class i drove to & fro.....i think everyone was trying to kill me today....people just swerving into my lane & slamming their brakes on....that's always a hoot & a holla
now before i pass out i'm gonna get my grub on @ claim jumper(!) & watch my tivo'd top model/american idol marathonmaniarevolution...yowza!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

This Is What It's Like When Worlds Collide

yet again the worlds of fashion & art have come together to create sweet music....or actually some rhinestone pants...damien hirst recently teamed up w/ levi's to make some "cool"
jeans...i just thought it was funny...i say he should have designed some jeans made from that formaldehyde shark in a box that would make a statement

the artist w/ his skull that i would like to wear around my neck

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

You're So Vicious

wow, i'm on a role, so many posts! but really this must be addressed:

how fug does madonna look on the cover of elle? i keep hearing that wicked witch of the west theme song from the wizard of oz in the back of my head every time i look @ it...woman needs to lay off the injections/rhinoplasty/facelifts/etc....
& girlfriend needs to stop wearing those french cut leotards....we dont need to see how flexible you are for your age either, thanks madge!

Monday, April 7, 2008

You've Got A Lovely Way With Words, Must Be The Way You See The World

if you've ever been to my humble abode you'll know that i'm a big tamara de lempicka fan...i love that art deco time period & her life in particular was quite interesting along with her sleek style...

fortunately i was able to see this lovely painting in person in san francisco a few years ago & it's kinda small...
anyways, i was excited to stumble upon this photoshoot inspired by her paintings...pretty

Sunday, April 6, 2008

It'd Be A Miracle, Could You Oblige?

this was a nice weekend, fri. nite aka erik's b-day extravaganza was good times, i felt like a kid again @ chuck e cheese, i forgot how much fun skeeball could be, oh to be 5 again! detriot was fun favorite drink is vanilla vodka/sprite.....good stuff
sat. me and andrea had an l.a. day...1st we did our annual trip to the fidm costume exhibit, they had costumes from enchanted, elizabeth, 300, across the universe, marie antoinette, atonement, etc...holy crap: i knew keira knightley was anorexic, but damn...that green dress she wears in the movie wouldn't even fit me when i was 5, no joke...that girl needs to have some kfc
after we headed over to meet up w/ my class @ an artist's house/studio in was pretty neat-o....this guy lives in one of the coolest house places i've ever seen...he has like a whole studio as his front room/ it feels like a gallery & his paintings were nice...i like the color pallette he uses
here's some of antonio adriano puelo's work:

today was simple i did hw & went on a walk across the street in the wilderness lol...there's a huge lake across the street from me that i never knew existed...i'll have to take some pics...tomorrow is another monday : ( i'm broke & need to get goin on my show...graduation is approaching...yikes!