Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Line Up

haven't been too excited to see any new movies out there as of late, but i'm a sucker for fairytales & fashion/hollywood biopics so these 3 movies are on my radar: also, just watched this one and it was fantastic. never knew that diana vreeland lived in colorado near to where i'm at now: started this one, but i still need to finish it. it's loopy and i love all of the actors:

Monday, May 5, 2014

Lovers vs. Haters

ok sooo...i haven't updated in awhile & i haven't done a met gala review in awhile so here it goes! my fave looks of the night vs. the looks i loathed. lovers:
georgia may meets veronica lake

zac posen's take on lil mermaid

kruger in lilac = perfection

kinda a bad pic, but bey looks like a studsicle

marie antoinette-y, so of course i love

pink on pink is lovely always

dear rodarte, can i have this?

not fair.

pretty neckline

this pic isn't good, but the dress was a beaut! icey blue magic

long torso + short legs, but i kinda love this dress

this dress reminds me of the one jennifer connelly wears in the rocketeer

love me some disco and lame'
dree looks amazing! love EVERYTHING about this.