Monday, January 19, 2009

Eating Dreams, Drinking Blue Sky

here's a list of a few places i wanna see before i kick the bucket:

1. taj mahal: india in general would be kinda cool to visit & smelly i'm sure

2. egypt: the ultimate tourist destination

3. amalfi coast: italy!!!!! bella bella

4. iceland: i wanna go in the hot springs....looks like you're swimming in a nuclear waste dump plus i'm gonna go fairy hunting with bjork

5. switzerland: i just want some damn fondue & ricolas, ok?
6. versailles: i'm movin in

7. stockholm: love me some swedes

8: castle hill, budapest: the motherland

9. royal pavilion, brighton: so amazing, i'm moving in here too

10. machu picchu: i want to eat some guinea pigs in peru

11. copenhagen: & i wanna visit the little mermaid