Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lose Yourself, But Don't Lose Your Mind

i was googling installation ideas & came across this was constructed of 50,000 spray-painted balls...pretty was done a couple of years ago by an artist named nike sawas..never heard of him, but he was inspired by seurat's pointillist would be fun to run though these

Sunday, March 9, 2008

I've Got You Under My Skin

i'm thinking it would be really cool if i could take over the whole soiray thing this summer. as of now we have a buttload of bad purses that we are trying to sell so that we can payback production costs in thailand...if this happens......& thats a big if...i'm hoping that maybe someone will invest in the company & maybe i could do all the designs? i think that would be way rad...& i'd actually have time to focus on it...anywho, i googled to see what designs other designers did w/ the stingray skins & i must say they were pretty clever...

i'm lovin this zac posen framed clutch

bottega venetta did this limited edition bag
this one is pretty sweet

nice lil clutch

love the deep purple of this vbh clutch

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

God Save the Queen

ever since i took that modern english history course over winter break i've been obsessed w/ all things english (i.e. tea, the royals, viv westwood, etc...) so i saw this 20/20 special this week about the royal family & the was really interesting, but my favorite part was when they showed the crown jewels..& it got me to thinking: it would be really cool to design an entire ready to wear collection around those amazing baubles (nice word, i know)...they even showed these spectacular medals that she hands out to knights & other noteworthy peeps...

anywho alexander mcqueens recent collection was very british empire

and who could forget dior's fall 2004 couture collection...

well, i could go on for days, but fortunately i won't...on another note, i'm pretty sure i'll be heading over to europe this june!!! & i believe we are planning to stay in london! soooo exciting, i think i'm gonna steel them crown jewels..........& prince william lol