Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tangled Up in Blue

these days i've seriously been thinking about traveling...i believe next may i'll be goin to italy as a graduation present...hopefully it'll work out, i've wanted to go ever since i did a report on it in 4th grade...i want to get out once im free from collegiate affairs, you know see the world & find myself lol...haha j/k im not that cheesy...perhaps thailand to see my purse productions as well... also sanfran might be in the near future..theres a really good exhibition up there i wanna catch before it's gone...so many places to see & people to make fun of...can't wait!!!!!!!

p.s. this 11 thing i've been talking about has been so random lately..it's kinda trippin me out....this weekend is 11/11 so we'll see what happens? maybe i'll turn into a pumpkin