Sunday, November 22, 2009

Simmer Down

Sacrifice your need for cushiness and embrace the challenge that comes with making a true change

Monday, November 16, 2009

It's A Sign!

i'm pretty sceptical when it comes to astrology mumbo-jumbo, but i gotta say this is pretty spot on:
Compassionate Cancer, your nurturing spirit is like a welcome-home embrace, feathery as a goose-down blanket and stable as a pillar in the Roman Colosseum. You’re the zodiac's Mother Goddess, ruler of the nest. Playing caretaker comes as naturally to you as breathing. Not that you'd bless just anyone with your maternal gifts. Over time, your shell hardens as you learn to protect your soft underbelly from harsh outside influences—callous, careless people who don't respect the sanctity of tender emotions. All applicants desiring your trust must prove their merit and valor. You'd rather have three amazing friends than 50 casual acquaintances. For you, intimacy is the be-all, end-all—even if it takes you aeons to get to that stage. Female friends are your lifeblood, as the spirit of sisterhood blazes fiercely within you. Unfortunately, your trust issues can limit you from venturing into the world. At some point, you must decide to take a risk; otherwise life becomes dull and decidedly limited.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Giving Me The Chills

these glacier photos by olaf otto becker are amazing...can you even imagine seeing these babies with your own eyes? they look like castles.

Friday, November 13, 2009


funny pictures of cats with captions

there's this really good article in next month's vanity fair by jim windolf about how the rise & popularity of "cuteness" is weakening & dumbing down our society even comparing it to a form of sadism lol. while this may seem a bit far fetched, when you read the essay it's hard not to kinda agree w/ him. he talks about how this overtly sentimentalization of the way our society communicates ( ie emoticons : ), phrases "aww" "yay", people using pix of themselves as kids for their default on facebook, the overwhelming amount of hits that "cute animal" sites are getting, japanese cartoons, etc.) and this reversion to our childhood w/ candy & cupcake sales growing higher in the past few years shows how our culture is becoming more & more lazy/carefee in a sense. the "log in & tune out" generation no longer sees "edge" as cool, but being viewed as "unthreatening" is the ideal. theres no more of the tortured & dark cobains of the early nineties or even the romanticized druggies of the 1960's , instead we have indie rockers w/ teddy bears & unicorns in their music videos. it's funny how ever since 9/11, the war, recession, & all the other dark stuff that's been going on in the new millenium we've found the need to become more child like and less like responsible adults. it seems escape & abandon are the way we've decided to cope w/ a decaying society. something to think about.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Days Of Being Wild

i totally stole this from someone else, but i want this to be my new to do list, esp. the last 1:

Make a fort out of couch cushions and blankets and watch old Hollywood movies

Pretend to be from another country and speak a made up language out with your friends

Learn a song on the piano and practice till it's perfect

Fall in love and don’t worry about a thing

Wear bright pink lipstick, bleach your hair, and chew watermelon bubblegum

Buy a ticket to the south and hunt for alligators with your boyfriend

Make your own shirts with velvet iron on letters

Go to the beach on a warm night, bring champagne and blankets and run in the ocean

Redecorate your house and fill it with wild roses in thrift store vases

Collect old books and frame the pages of your favorite parts

Fill your living room with balloons and have a party for no reason

Go vintage shopping for dresses and have a marie antoinette tea party in your backyard

Learn to make cakes and cookies and surprise your friends with gifts on their doorsteps

Make an 80’s mix and drive around Malibu with neon sunglasses on drinking Orange Crush

Pretend to be a journalist and write reviews of your favorite albums

Have a Valentines day party in June celebrating all your past crushes

Have a Christmas party in July and decorate a tree

Buy old records just for the cover and nail them to your kitchen ceiling

Have a horror movie marathon, light tons of candles and stay up all night in the dark

Cover your ceiling with glow stars

Find a saloon in a small town and country play songs from the jukebox

Play pool in cowboy boots and cutoff shorts

Buy tourist keychains, mugs, postcards from the town you live in

Rent a convertible and drive to las vegas for two nights and wear gold clip-on earrings

Walk to the market and get beer and sandwiches and sit on your porch all day

Invent a new cocktail and throw a party based around it

Buy hot pink heels and do the dishes in them with the radio on

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Your Knives Are Sharp When You Put Them In My Heart

digging through cd's i always like rediscovering old shtuff i haven't listened to in awhile...remember the veils and all the other "the" bands? those were magical times...i can't believe the 2000's are almost up.